Broken Arrow Public Schools Targeted in Ransomware Attack

The city of Tulsa Oklahoma has announced that the Broken Arrow schools have suffered a ransomware attack. This attack comes not long after a series of ransomware attacks left local governments in Florida scrambling.

  • The type of ransomware is unknown
  • District officials released a statement, but it is uknown when the attack began.
  • The district is working with cybersecurity experts to analyze and contain the infection.
  • Additionally the FBI is on site to assist with the investigation.

This attack comes with just 3 weeks left before the start of the school year. As of now the school year is still scheduled to start Wednesday, August 21.

Broken Arrow school year start could be in jeopardy due to ransomware attack

Dr. John Hale of the University of Tulsa said:

“It is such an unfortunately profitable thing and again most of the attacks are on the small to medium size businesses. It’s just a matter of when your number is up.”

With an increasing amount of technology in our every day lives, attacks like this are becoming more and more common. As a result, hackers commonly prey on small and medium sized businesses or local municipalities that rely on data for day to day operations. These types of organizations usually don’t have huge amounts of capital to spend on the latest cyber security defenses making them easy targets for ransomware attacks.

School districts susceptible to ransomware attack

It is a numbers game for the hackers. Their goal is to hit as many easy targets as possible requesting a ‘reasonable’ ransom to increase the chances of a victim paying up. If all it takes is $10,000 to get your organization back up and running, that may seem like a small price to pay to avoid the hassle of restoring the entire system from scratch.

The Broken Arrow schools ransomware attack highlights the importance of an effective human firewall. All it takes is one employee to download a malicious attachment and completely bypass even the most advanced network security.

What is a human firewall?

In short, a human firewall is the last line of defense against a cybersecurity attack. Anti-virus technology has become incredibly sophisticated over the years and is able to detect and prevent many attacks on systems. However hackers are increasingly targeting an organization’s users to bypass this sophisticated technology altogether. A human firewall is the line of defense provided by your users. Therefore, having an effective human firewall means educating your users about the risks of clicking links in emails, downloading potentially malicious software, and sharing login credentials.

All the best security systems in the world won’t stop an attack if you give hackers the key to the front door.

Stay tuned for more security alerts and announcements!

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