Inside a Brute Force Router Takeover

Routers provide access to the Internet for millions of users, but hackers are also using routers to gain access into your home network. In this article I expose the dangers of default credentials by performing a brute force router takeover. Many modern home routers offer a remote management feature, and luckily router manufacturers have stopped […]

How to Install Metasploitable in VirtualBox

In this article I go over how to install Metasploitable in VirtualBox. Metasploitable is a virtual machine with several intentional misconfigurations and vulnerabilities for you to exploit. This is a great tool for sharpening your penetration testing skills. You can definitely get Metasploitable up and running with out a full lab, but I highly recommend […]

Selecting a Home Security Camera System

Installing a home security camera system in your home, business, or vacation home is one of the easiest way to deter crime and gain peace of mind. While selecting a home security camera system may seem like a daunting task, it is relatively easy to select the right system based on the area you intend […]

Broken Arrow Public Schools Targeted in Ransomware Attack

The city of Tulsa Oklahoma has announced that the Broken Arrow schools have suffered a ransomware attack. This attack comes not long after a series of ransomware attacks left local governments in Florida scrambling. The type of ransomware is unknown District officials released a statement, but it is uknown when the attack began. The district […]

Equifax to Pay $700 Million for Data Breach

Remember in 2017? When the Equifax data breach exposed the personal information of more than half of all United States citizens? Investigators have slapped Equifax with a $700 million fine for the 2017 data breach according to a statement. Hefty Breach, Hefty Fine The $700 million proposed settlement includes fines from various agencies and states. […]

Malware Attack In Louisiana, Declare State of Emergency

Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency after a malware attack in Louisiana. The attack hit Louisiana state systems on July 8. The Monroe city school system first reported the incident. Shortly thereafter the Sabine Parish school system reported a virus on its website. Officials released a statement saying that: […]

Over 800,000 Systems Still Vulnerable to BlueKeep

800,000 systems are still vulnerable to the BlueKeep exploit. Microsoft released a patch 2 months ago including ‘end of life’ systems such as Windows 7 and XP. According to a recent report by BitSight, a risk management firm, they detected 805,665 online systems that remain vulnerable. Although this is a 17% decrease from the previous […]

Google increases bug bounty to $30000

Google increases their bug bounty reward to a record $30,000 for white hat hackers that discover vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser. More serious vulnerabilities, such as those that result in persistence in the browser can fetch up to a $150,000 reward. In post on the Google Security blog, Google indicates they will increase the reward […]

Key Biscayne Ransomware Attack Is Third City in Florida

The Key Biscayne ransomware attack marks the third attack on a Florida city in just a month. According to city officials, a “data security event” occurred on Sunday, June 23, 2019. IT professionals working for the city decided to take systems offline in an abundance of caution. The initial compromise occurred when a city employee […]

Baltimore Ransomware Attack Leaves City Crippled

Attackers have unleashed ransomware on Baltimore city government systems. On May 7, 2019 the city’s systems ground to a halt as ransomware spread throughout the network. City officials worked with cybersecurity experts and were able to quarantine the ransomware by the following day. Robbinhood ransomware Initial investigation of the affected systems revealed that the strain […]