U.S. Prosecutors Charge Chinese Military Officers in 2017 Equifax Breach

Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditUnited States prosecutors charge 4 Chinese military officers with the 2017 Equifax hacking. The indictment charges the officers with the theft of the personal information of over 148 million individuals. Additionally, the indictment charges them with stealing trade secrets from Equifax servers. Unpatched and Avoidable According to a 2018 study by Congress, “such a […]

Equifax to Pay $700 Million for Data Breach

Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditRemember in 2017? When the Equifax data breach exposed the personal information of more than half of all United States citizens? Investigators have slapped Equifax with a $700 million fine for the 2017 data breach according to a statement. Hefty Breach, Hefty Fine The $700 million proposed settlement includes fines from various agencies and […]